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PETITION TARGET: Broward Sheriff’s Office

Several community cats and raccoons were found seriously injured or killed by gunshot wounds behind the Tamarac, Florida shopping center where a group of volunteers regularly feeds the animal colony.

Included among the animals killed were a mother cat and kitten.

“When I picked the mommy up, I noticed that she was shot in the head,” Hope Gold, who is with Castaways Animal Rescue Effort, told WSVN News. “The baby had blood all over its face. The baby was shot point blank in the skull twice. Mommy had a bullet under her chin.”

Several other cats, racoons, and an iguana have since been found injured or killed since the initial incident, according to NBC Miami. The first cats discovered were shot with a BB gun, but other animals have since been shot with bullets.

Rescue groups and the Broward Sheriff’s Office are working to try to capture the community cats from the dangerous parking lot so they can receive needed veterinary care and then be moved to a cat sanctuary.

“I want to see the person who did this caught and prosecuted and the cats safe, because they didn’t ask to be homeless,” Gold said in her WSVN interview. “The thing that’s scary is usually people start with animals and escalate up to people. We don’t want that. We don’t want any more dead animals.”

Please sign our petition today to help ensure the person(s) responsible for harming this animal community is held accountable to the fullest measure of the law before more animals or people are harmed.