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Karnes County Attorney David Chapman, [email protected] and Karnes City Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva, [email protected]

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PETITION TARGETS: Constable Roel “Eddie” Salas and Karnes County Attorney David Chapman

A beloved mini pot-bellied pig named Tank was slaughtered and dumped in the small community of Karnes, Texas. The tiny 2.5 year old pig was loved by his family — including a 10 year old girl — and well known in his neighborhood.

Tank escaped from his yard the day of the incident. His family spent six hours searching, talking to neighbors, checking area yards, and posting on Facebook that he was missing.

Then they learned that Tank’s carcass had been found on a nearby road with his head placed on top of the remains.

According to the Justice for Tank the Pig Facebook page, Tank’s neighbors knew who he was and where he lived because of his friendliness.

“He trusted people,” said neighbor Hope Cardona-Gutierrez in a KENS5 News report. “He probably went right up to his murderer not knowing what was going to happen to him.”

A neighbor’s security camera caught a truck dumping the body 100 feet from their home. Tank’s caregiver, Mike Rosales, identified the pig’s remains.

Rosales identified a person involved in dumping the body by tracking down the truck. The individual admitted he agreed to dump Tank’s body in return for some of Tank’s flesh. That person was fined $500 for dumping the body.

The police have not yet arrested anyone for killing Tank.

This trusting pig was a deeply loved member of the family. Tank was protective of the family’s young daughter, who was his “best friend.” He also enjoyed playing with the family’s dogs and regularly traveled with the family.

Pigs are highly intelligent, affectionate, social animals with strong memories. They feel empathy towards others, as well as anxiety, fear, and pain.

This gentle, trusting companion animal could have lived to be around 20 years old if he had not been cruelly slaughtered and dumped as garbage.

Sign this petition to urge police and the prosecutor to do all they can to achieve justice for this innocent, cherished companion pig.

The Karnes City Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Karnes City Police Department at (830) 780-2300.