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Pierce County Sheriff's Office: https://www.piercecountywa.gov/6339/Send-a-Message

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PETITION TARGET: Pierce County Sheriff’s Office

A Tacoma, Washington family’s beloved horse, LeMon, was ruthlessly shot in the face and killed by an at-large shooter in a senseless act of violence.

Family and neighbors reported hearing gunshots around midnight the night of the incident, but told KING 5 in Seattle that was not too unusual in their neighborhood.

According to a report by Fox 13 Seattle, LeMon’s owner said he didn’t come out when she went to feed him the next morning. She then saw LeMon’s body lying in front of his stable with what the family’s veterinarian determined as a point-blank gunshot wound that broke several bones as the bullet entered his skull then pierced his spine.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office reported a neighbor’s camera caught a white vehicle driving west on 132nd Street East around the time of LeMon’s shooting. LeMon’s killer remains at large.

Twenty-year-old LeMon was loved by his family and the surrounding community. According to his family, LeMon was used to people stopping and talking to him, so he likely walked straight over to the person who shot him.

“He’s very personable. He would come out, peek his head out if he was inside. Come up to the fence so we can pet him,” said Tara Chase, who told KIRO 7 News she always looked forward to seeing LeMon when she was in town visiting family. “It’s not right that somebody would do something so cruel to a defenseless, helpless animal. Everybody wants to find who did this and bring them to justice.”

The family is offering a reward to anyone who provides information leading to the capture and arrest of LeMon’s killer.

Please sign our petition urging the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office to thoroughly investigate and hold accountable the person(s) responsible for this cruel act before they have the opportunity to harm another animal.

If you have information about the shooting, contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office at (253) 798-7530.