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PETITION TARGET: Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

Eight baby rabbits were tied up in a plastic bag and allegedly tossed like garbage from the window of a car in Macomb Township, Michigan, according to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. Tragically, one of the baby bunnies reportedly died as a result of this cruelty.

A witness reportedly saw the bunnies thrown from a car and alerted authorities. The bunnies were sealed in a plastic bag, with multiple knots, when the deputy arrived. One of the bunnies had plastic around their neck.

While the deputy reportedly rushed to break open the bag and take the rabbits to receive care, one of the infants sadly did not survive. It is unknown how long the defenseless bunnies suffered from lack of oxygen in the bag.

No animal deserves to suffer the fear or pain of slowly suffocating to death.

The bunnies were no more than two weeks old, according to the sanctuary that rehabilitated the innocent animals and reported by CBS News. These infants deserved to be safe and wild with their mother—not left to die in an airtight bag.

Rabbits are sentient animals who feel fear, pain, and other emotions. The person(s) responsible for tying these gentle animals in a plastic bag — resulting in the death of one of the infants — must be identified and brought to justice.

Sign our petition urging the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office to thoroughly investigate this case and apprehend the person(s) responsible, preventing them from harming any more innocent lives.

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office has asked anyone with information about this act of cruelty to contact them at 586-469-5151.