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PETITION TARGET: Dearborn Police Department

In a heartbreaking case of dogfighting cruelty, an innocent dog in Dearborn, Michigan was found with over 200 puncture wounds covering her head and body.

The dog, named Emlyn by rescuers, is now undergoing treatment for her painful injuries, including several areas complicated by bacterial infections. She has tubes all over her body to treat these severe wounds. Many of the wounds were fresh, but several are a few months old, indicating long-term abuse with no medical treatment.

After discovering Emlyn as a stray, the police brought her to the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit and she is receiving care at the Lincoln Park Veterinary Hospital.

Dearborn police believe this sweet-natured dog was a “bait dog” for local dogfighting rings.

Bait dogs are younger, inexperienced dogs cruelly used to teach dogs to attack other dogs. Because the bait dog doesn’t fight back, the more aggressive dog is said to get a taste for blood and learn how to fight well.

Sign this petition to urge the Dearborn Police Department to find all individuals and groups responsible for this horrific case of animal abuse and shut them down for good, so no other dogs are forced to suffer as Emlyn has.

Anyone with information in this case, please call the shelter at (313) 943-2697. They are offering a $1,000 reward.

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