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​Mr. Santiago Cabanas Ansorena, Spanish Ambassador to the United States: [email protected] / 202 728 2330

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PETITION TARGET: Spanish Ambassador Cabanas Ansorena

In a tragic event in the village of Mejorada del Campo, Spain, a bull painfully broke both of his legs while jumping to the ground from his cage during a cruel bull running festival earlier this week. The impact of the concrete shattered the bull’s bones and he was filmed dragging himself along the ground in agonizing pain.

The bull was clearly suffering, and the video footage is haunting. Observers say that the event organizers had placed the cage too high above the ground, making it impossible for the bull to safely land on his feet.

Bull festivals often masquerade as traditional cultural entertainment when in truth they are merely glorified animal cruelty. These celebrations of torture serve no purpose other than human entertainment, and the abuse inflicted on the bulls forced to participate is devastating.

Sign this petition to urge Santiago Cabanas Ansorena, the Spanish ambassador to the United States, to push for animal cruelty charges in this case as well as fight for a ban on all bull festivals in Spain. If these cruel events are allowed to continue, countless more bulls will suffer a similar fate — or worse.

bull broken legs