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Trapped in metal crates barely bigger than their bodies with hardly any room to move — that’s the reality for pregnant pigs on factory farms, who are confined to gestation crates for the entirety of their pregnancies.

But that may soon change for caring and intelligent female pigs since Congresswoman Veronica Escobar recently introduced the Pigs in Gestation Stalls Act of 2023, or HR2939, which would require that each pregnant pig be given at least 24 square feet of space, according to news reports.

The cruel two-foot by seven-foot crates the pregnant pigs are currently forced to live in inhibit them from taking even one full step in any direction and cause extreme psychological and physical stress for the animals.

Although 24 square feet of space is still not enough for these complex animals, it is a step in the right direction and would give the animals room to get up and walk around – something they currently cannot do.

Please sign our petition today urging United States members to support and swiftly pass HR 2939, which would ban cruel gestation crates for pigs.

And remember, the best way we can help pigs and all animals is by leaving them off our plates. We encourage everyone to opt for kind plant-based options that don’t harm any animals.