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Bill Sponsor Rep. Tony Cardenas (https://cardenas.house.gov/contact-me/email-me; Zip 91402); House Committee on Agriculture Chair Glenn Thompson: Fax: (202) 225-5796; Ranking Member David Scott: Fax: (202) 225-4628

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Every year, hundreds of greyhounds in West Virginia suffer from painful broken bones, dislocations, and muscle injuries as they are forced to race for people’s “entertainment.”

The state’s two tracks are the only places left in the country where the cruel racing is allowed — and 666 greyhounds paid for it in 2021 alone, with the state gaming industry reporting that number of injured dogs included 218 dogs who suffered broken bones and four greyhounds who later were killed.

But now, a federal bill could end gruesome greyhound racing for good. HR 3894, the Greyhound Protection Act, would amend the federal Animal Welfare Act to ban greyhound racing and remote gambling on the dogs.

Bill sponsor Rep. Tony Cardenas noted greyhounds exploited in racing often endure brutal “training” regimes and also are at risk of being drugged and confined for up to 23 hours a day when they aren’t racing.

No dog deserves to suffer and die for people’s entertainment. This bill must pass – and legislators also must make sure to include provisions for the retired racers to find loving, forever homes.

Sign our petition urging Congress to support and quickly pass this bill and so end the avoidable suffering and death for countless defenseless dogs!