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Mayor Goodman and Las Vegas City Council https://cityoflasvegas.formstack.com/forms/contact_main

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PETITION TARGET: Mayor Carolyn Goodman and the Las Vegas City Council

UPDATE (2/14/2023): This bill passed! It’s now illegal to tether dogs for more than 10 hours outside or to tether dogs outside in extreme weather. Thank you to everyone who spoke up and signed our petition! —Lady Freethinker Staff


Chained up in the blazing Las Vegas heat, a dog named Lily died of blatant neglect even after a neighbor reportedly called authorities multiple times about her dire situation.

Under current Las Vegas City law, it’s legal to keep dogs chained up, and Lily’s “guardians” can simply adopt another pet.

But there is hope: Las Vegas City Council will vote on a new animal welfare amendment that would ban animal abusers from having animals for up to five years following their charges.

The new amendment, sponsored by Councilman Stavros S. Anthony, will also make it illegal to keep dogs on chains for more than 10 hours a day. During extreme weather advisories, it will be illegal to keep dogs chained outdoors at all. 

Dogs in Las Vegas need your help.

Sign this petition urging Mayor Carolyn Goodman and the Las Vegas City Council to vote yes on Bill No. 2021-14 to better protect vulnerable companion animals.