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National Assembly of S. Korea: [email protected] and President  Yoon Suk Yeol: https://www.korea.net/Others/Suggestion

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PETITION TARGET: National Assembly of S. Korea and S. Korea President Yoon Suk Yeol

Dogs crammed into tiny and decrepit cages, cowering in fear, and wallowing in unsanitary conditions — those were some of the horrific findings of a Lady Freethinker investigation into S. Korea’s illegal dog meat trade in 2020. 

Yet three years later, an estimated one million dogs are continuing to be brutally bred, killed, and dismembered for illegal dog meat every year.

Now, a new bill referred to as the Special Act aims to crack down on the gruesome dog meat trade in S. Korea.

The legislation — proposed by Congresswoman Han Jeong-ae, co-sponsored by 11 other legislators —  would outlaw breeding, slaughtering, and selling dogs for human consumption and also would prohibit dog meat farms. The bill also would include subsidies to help the individuals killing the dogs to transition to a more compassionate livelihood.

If passed, the bill would start with a phase-out period and come into full effect in five years.

“[Dog eating] is not only clearly illegal under the current law but also goes against the heightened awareness of our citizens about animals,” Jeong-ae said in a press release.

Recent surveys have reported that nearly 86 percent of S. Koreans polled don’t eat dog meat and that about 56 percent support a ban on dog meat.

No more defenseless dogs should suffer and die for their “meat” in S. Korea.

Sign our bill urging the National Assembly of Korea and S. Korea’s President to quickly pass this life-saving legislation and end this brutal dog meat trade for good.