Cheddar the dog is best buddies with his neighbor, Jean. In fact, the moment the two met, they formed an immediate friendship.

According to Cheddar’s mom, Shelley Vassall, the loyal pup visits Jean daily — and when a babysitter is needed, Jean is eager to watch him.

Cheddar was recently surrendered by his previous owner, so Vassall and her husband took the senior dog in. They were initially concerned about their potentially limited time with Cheddar due to his age. However, they knew they’d made the right decision to foster as soon as they met him. A few days later, the couple adopted him for good.

At first, Cheddar was reluctant to play with toys and was extremely needy for attention. One night while walking Cheddar, his parents discovered that Jean was exactly the friend he needed. Since the two met, the once-timid Cheddar has now become confident. While Cheddar still has his “quirks” when it comes to feeling comfortable around humans, he’s at ease when he’s with his favorite pal, Jean.

Cheddar’s story reminds us that when it comes to caring for a rescued dog, the more, the merrier!