Did you know that Feb. 20 is “Love Your Pet” Day?

We know that Lady Freethinker readers are deeply caring and committed to the welfare of animals everywhere — and we bet you have some great stories! 

This month, we’d love to hear from those of you who share your homes with companion animals (we know who is really in charge) and how you go out of your way to make them feel special and loved. 

Does your pet turn somersaults for a specific “treat”? Do you tuck your pets into doggie beds each night and sing them to sleep? Do you and your furry friends have an adorable routine you created, just to show them how much you love them?

In short: How are you going to show your pets you love them this February?

Send your stories (and pics of you and your companion animal, of course!) to  [email protected].

We’ll read through submissions this month and feature some of the silliest  and most heart-warming stories of what you did on “Love Your Pet Day” in March — so make sure you get in your submissions by Feb. 28, 2021

P.S: Here’s an example of what I’m doing for one of my little loves on ‘Love Your Pet’ Day!

Kody, my black and white border collie-terrier mix, came into my life nine years ago when a student found him, broken and bleeding, and dropped him off on my doorstep. I don’t know who hurt Kody, but the palm-sized pup had two broken back legs, an injured spinal cord, and a prolapsed rectum. In a miracle, the vet patched him up and he now can walk, run, jump and hike miles with me. Despite the horrific abuse he endured, Kody is happiest when he is around people. He has a gift for making even the surliest humans light up with joy. So besides getting lots of treats and pets from me, for ‘Love Your Pet’ Day, I am going to take him around to his circuit of fans and friends that he’s made in our neighborhood, including his favorite person in the world, Eddie (pictured below) – a retired veteran who lives down the street and runs outside every time we pass his house so he can play with Kody.

Eddie and Kody

Eddie and Kody

Other animal-related dates to keep in mind for February:

Feb. 18: World Whale Day

Feb. 22:  USA National Wildlife Day

Feb. 25: World Spay Day

Feb. 27: USA National Polar Bear Day