Rescued Duck Found Starving to Death Now Lives the Good Life with His Stuffed Duck Friend

When Melanie set out with friends to photograph nature one day, bringing home a duckling wasn’t part of the plan. But when she saw the starving baby bird, she knew he wouldn’t survive without help. Melanie wrapped Ducky in a towel, took him home and spent the night in her rocking chair, comforting him.

Ducky’s first few months were spent on Melanie’s porch. To keep him company, she introduced him to DuckDuck, a stuffed animal that had belonged to her children. It was love at first sight – Ducky immediately snuggled up to his new pal.

Ducky eventually became too big for Melanie’s porch, so she built him a “condo” and a pond. Thinking it would be healthy for Ducky to be near other ducks, she also got two ducklings – Tweedle and Dee. Their first day together didn’t go well, but the three are inseparable now. Although Ducky has found friendship with Tweedle and Dee, DuckDuck is still his favorite toy.

Thanks to Melanie, Ducky’s rescue has a happy ending. However, in any situation involving injured or abandoned wildlife, the best thing to do is to contact a local wildlife organization.

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  1. Susan

    That’s a very happy story! Love stories like that!

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  2. Adrian Appley

    What a charming story. Melanie really is a most compassionate lady.

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  3. Debb Jarvis

    Please tell me where you found this duckling as I had two her and a karki brown which I couldn’t keep and a lady took them as she goes around schools in the Butler area showing the kids, Im now scared they are my little ones and where is Gracie

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  4. JadeGear

    “Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission — to be of service to them whenever they require it.” — St. Francis of Assisi.

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  5. Anya

    Nice ! Happy for you Ducky ! Thank you Melanie !

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  6. Ludivine SEBA

    It’s necessary to rescue Ducky

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  7. Rebecca Soubra

    Thank you Melanie for caring about wildlife and helping Ducky!

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  8. Barbara P. Turner

    It’s always so nice to see God’s people in the right place at the right time! Glad he has you and his friends Tweedle and Dee! So cute!

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  9. Sheila T.

    Melanie, you are an angel. So much goes into caring for abandoned wildlife or domestic animals and you have done a wonderful job. This is such an uplifting and heartwarming video and thanks for sharing this great story.

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  10. JEWEL Haines

    Thank God that there are good people in this world who help abused and murdered Animals . We need stricter laws, to protect ALL Animals.

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  11. Christine

    Contacting a local wildlife organization where I live is not an option; their answer is always the same ” kill it ” and that’s what happen if you contact Animal Services also.

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    • susan rudnicki

      As I wrote below, this duck was NOT wild, but a dumped domestic—he is the type raised by humans for meat and sometimes foie gras production. It’s disgusting to a real animal compassionate person—some animals for eating, some animals to lounge on the sofa and be spoiled with petting. You can see him being harassed by the wild ducks in the video, because they know he is not a wild bird.

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  12. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing this! Sometimes its too much seeing all the terrible sides of people, we need stuff like this.
    What a great woman so much respect and admiration for her.

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  13. Jean

    This is so beautiful, It’s so good to see Ducky with his pals.Thank you for caring. We had two pet ducks for years and they were just the same. They are very loving and such a lot of fun.

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    Tudo de bom pra vocês !!

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  15. Leanne

    Thanku Melanie. I’m so glad that Ducky rallied and is fast friends with Tweedle and Dee.

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    For a change I cried tears of joy, just beautiful, that lady has a huge heart!!

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  17. Kim Hagerty

    Do noce to read a BEAUTIFUL story. THANK YOU to this lady for her huge heart in saving this beautiful duckling. All GOD’S CREATIONS have a heart. God bless you.

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  18. susan rudnicki

    “…situation involving injured or abandoned wildlife,” This is a Pekin, domestic duck, NOT a wild duck. Pekins can not fly, are often “Easter gifts” for children and dumped routinely on ponds and parks and streets as if they can care for themselves. I know—I have 4 rescue ducks and a rescue goose. They are no more able to access a healthy diet and safe shelter when dumped than your dog could were he turned loose to fend for himself. PLEASE—do not abandon domestic fowl of ANY kind. Do NOT buy these living creatures as a child’s toy or pet—they need care, love, and attention like any other sentient being—they do NOT belong confined to a cage in a backyard, either.

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    • Lisa

      Thanks for this info. My grandparents would get us baby ducks in the spring but they had chickens and pigeons so they raised the ducks and my grandma to her surprise absolutely loved them 😀 How sad that they are purchased and “dumped”- I didnt know that even though it’s not too much of a leap when considering most people do when they no longer need something 🙁
      Poor little babies. Their mommas gone and they needed you but you left them. Those people should be ashamed.

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  19. Tisa

    I love your story. You are wonderful, Melanie. Thank you for sharing.

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  20. Deb

    Humans having compassion for other mammals, Thank you for doing what I wasn’t able to do.. Help the duckling , big hug
    The Galarneau family

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