Cody the puppy’s legs — and his life — were saved after reportedly jumping from the top of an RV bunk bed – thanks to a community of animal lovers in Brevard County, Florida.

When both of Cody’s front legs were severely broken by the traumatic fall, his owners rushed him to the Malabar Country Veterinary Clinic. But after hearing how expensive the surgeries would be, Cody’s guardian decided to have the puppy put down, according to the clinic

The veterinary clinic wasn’t ready to give up on the 10-month-old miniature Australian Shepherd mix puppy, though. Cody was surrendered and the clinic called Helping Animals Live and Overcome (HALO) No-Kill Rescue Shelter for help. HALO Rescue started a fundraiser called “Save Cody’s Legs!”

“I just can never see ending a life for something that’s treatable,” said HALO Founder Jacque Petrone.

The community apparently felt the same way, with over 180 contributors raising the necessary funds within 24 hours.

Cody now wears two brightly-colored casts and a big grin. He will need cast changes and his exercise will be restricted until his eight-week checkup, according to the shelter.

“Hopefully his casts will then come off and he can walk around,” Petrone told Lady Freethinker. “Then at 12 weeks, if all goes to plan, he will be a free bird!”

Once healed, Cody should be able to jump around (from safe heights) and play like any young puppy. The rescue also told Lady Freethinker Cody will be available for adoption — and multiple people have already reached out in hopes of adopting him.

Lady Freethinker applauds the compassionate people at HALO Rescue, the veterinary clinic team that helped him, and community members who came together to save Cody’s legs and his life.