Pumpkin the bear was saved from being killed by authorities thanks to public outcry and incredible citizen advocacy.

After a conflict inside a barn in Massachusetts, Pumpkin – who has a taste for the fruit – was condemned to be killed. The announcement caused a public uproar, with many citizens advocating for the bear and his right to live.

Taking to Facebook, Pumpkin’s supporters made their stance known: Pumpkin should be relocated, not killed.

A petition created by Rachel Baird, a Hanson resident, mobilized support for Pumpkin and more humane treatment toward all wildlife, according to Daily Mail UK.

“This is not just about one bear,” Baird wrote in the petition. “This is about how we treat wildlife in general. Animals acting naturally within their shrinking habitats should not be met with extermination as a solution.”

Due to the incredible work of the Hanson community, Pumpkin will live to see another day. The Hanson Police Department will now be encouraging residents to learn the appropriate ways to live peacefully alongside bears, according to Boston.com.

Pumpkin’s case shows us how much our voices matter when standing up for the animals we love! Unable to advocate for themselves, animals need us to speak for them and urge authorities to prioritize non-lethal management and compassionate co-existence.