America took a step to more effectively conserve the west’s wild horses and burros by passing a budget that calls for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to reduce the use of cruel helicopter roundups, as reported by The Fence Post.

Prior to this budget announcement, members of congress criticized the BLM’s proposal to remove approximately 16,000 more animals in 2024 than the previous year — mostly by helicopter roundup — and treat fewer animals with humane fertility control. Helicopter roundups lead to wild horse injuries and death. They are also frightening ordeals for the horses that frequently result in the separation of families and herds.

Following an increase in public pressure to stop terrorizing wild horses with low flying helicopters, including advocacy from Lady Freethinker, Congress has told BLM to increase more humane methods for controlling wild horse populations.

Under the newly passed fiscal plan, Congress cut almost $6 million from BLM’s budget and allocated $11 million of the remaining dollars specifically for executing a strong new fertility control program.

Additionally, the bill prevents healthy horses and burros from being euthanized or sold for slaughter. 

Lady Freethinker welcomes the news that Congress is calling for more fertility control to manage wild horse populations. Unfortunately, helicopter roundups are still anticipated to take place. We will continue to campaign for the abolition of inhumane helicopter roundups.