An innocent three-week-old Yorkshire piglet escaped from a truck headed to a slaughterhouse in Pennsylvania and is now safe with his forever family.

The newborn piglet was on a truck on the Pennsylvania turnpike with his mother and siblings when he fell onto the busy freeway. Thankfully, PA Turnpike Safety Patrol driver Robert Sharpe noticed the piglet on the side of the road — appearing shocked and in need of help. Sharpe rushed to the defenseless piglet’s aid.

“The little guy was bloody and really shaken up,” Robert Sharpe told Stories From the Turnpike. After allowing Sharpe to put a collar on him, the piglet climbed into his truck and made himself comfortable in the passenger seat. Sharpe then contacted a local rescue group, who readily agreed to help him.

After a veterinarian said the piglet would be okay following a check-up, the rescue contacted the Adams County SPCA, who named the sweet pig Romeo.

Romeo seemed to want nothing more than love, according to the SPCA, who shared pictures of the affectionate pig cuddling with staff. The organization set out to find him a family with an appropriate home — since Romeo could grow to weigh as much as 750 pounds.

Romeo found a wonderful home quickly: A family with a farm adopted him, according to the SPCA. Romeo is beloved by his new family who cherish him for the intelligent and wonderful companion animal he is.

“Romeo is VERY smart!” His family told The Kansas City Star. They proudly shared how quickly the pig learned how to walk on a leash. “He is also already housebroken,” they added.

Pigs are emotional, sensitive, and intelligent animals — often compared to dogs due to their loyal and affectionate nature. Lady Freethinker applauds everyone whose compassionate efforts saved Romeo from the slaughterhouse and brought him to a loving home.