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PETITION TARGET: Shankar Raimedhi, Superintendent of Police, Nagaon

UPDATE (3/28/2023): We sent our petition, signed by more than 22, 400 people, to the Nagaon Superintendent of Police. Thank you to everyone who advocated for these dogs! Unfortunately, despite multiple checks back, we haven’t been able to obtain any information that someone was held accountable for this crime. We’ll continue to fight the cruel dog meat trade and thank you for your support of our efforts! — Lady Freethinker Staff


When a truck crashed on a highway in Assam, India last week, a horrific discovery was made: nearly 60 dogs were tied up with ropes, stuffed into sacks and piled into the back of the truck. Their mouths were bound tightly shut so nobody could hear them bark for help.

Left to suffer with no food or water, the dogs were whimpering in agony. These innocent animals, kidnapped from the streets, were victims of smugglers in the brutal dog meat trade.

The driver and passenger fled the scene, and have evaded arrest. They must be found and held accountable for this despicable cruelty.

Sign this petition to urge the police superintendent to put every effort into tracking down these cruel dog smugglers, and to make it a top priority to end the barbaric and illegal dog meat trade for good.