Petition Urges Carnival Cruises to Stop Promoting Cruel Sea Turtle Tourist Attraction

Petition Urges Carnival Cruises to Stop Promoting Cruel Sea Turtle Tourist Attraction

In addition to scenic beaches, the Cayman Islands is known for a dubious tourist attraction which claims to help endangered green sea turtles. Carnival Cruise Lines sends its guests there, accounting for about 3/4 of the attraction’s visitors.

But as World Animal Protection (WAP) has exposed, this is no safe haven for the animals. The organization has released a petition urging Carnival to stop sending tourists to this cruel facility — called Cayman Turtle Center — which encourages “turtle selfies” with the endangered animals, and even lets tourists eat their meat.

“The Cayman Turtle Centre is the only place in the world which is farming endangered sea turtles for tourist entertainment and their meat,” WAP Spokesperson Melissa Matlow told Lady Freethinker.  Despite initial protests by the WAP, Carnival Cruise Lines continues to send tens of thousands of tourists directly to CTC every year.

Matlow reported, “Many turtles have suffered from injuries and broken shells and hundreds have died from disease. It’s cruel, unnecessary and poses a serious health risk to the tourists handling them.  As the majority visiting the farm come from cruises, Carnival Cruise Line can make a huge difference in the lives of sea turtles by ending trips to this cruel attraction.”


The sea turtle farm was cited by the WAP as one of the top 10 cruelest wildlife tourist attractions in 2016. In just one year, the CTC gathered over 450,000 eggs. The conditions of captivity have caused the turtles to behave abnormally, exhibiting fits of aggression and even cannibalism.

Image: World Animal Protection

Matlow implores, “Imagine what it is like for vast roaming, deep diving, solitary sea turtles to be confined to a shallow, crowded tank. They experience stress and fear from being handled all day by tourists and from being deprived of all opportunities to behave and move naturally.”

Help stop the cruelty. Sign the petition here.

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  1. David waldman

    Carnival Cruise Lines: Please stop using the Cayman Turtle Center which allows tourists (your customers) to cruelly manhandle usually solitary sea turtles in an overcrowded group of sea turtles in pools.

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  2. Eric Blair

    Avani Patel and David Waldman: You obviously have never been to the Grand Cayman Turtle Centre. This fake news couldn’t be further from the truth. I have personally been to the center a half dozen time myself and I can assure you there is NO mishandling of sea turtles there. It is a respectful attraction with a healthy experience to both the Carnival passenger and sea turtle alike. As an acting Development Board member of the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research, I can definitively ascertain that this sort of press is false. We have validating studies contrary to the World Animal Protection’s claim. Companies like Carnival and many other cruise lines (which you failed to include) vet and research these attractions well in advance before booking excursions. You would do well to do your homework prior to posting. You should all be ashamed of yourselves

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    • Eric

      Geoffrey and Fred, I can only imagine who’s payroll you must be on to fret over these topics so much. Until you can honestly tell me that you have actually been to the Cayman Turtle Centre, your viewpoint and rant are null and void. You must not have read all of my latest posts. At least I have been there many times in person….you cannot say the same. I can verify their activities…you cannot. Before you spout off about something that you only read online in a blog, do your own due diligence first. (What a novel concept) Be part of the solution and not part of a fabricated website on Los Angeles that is concocted to suck your donations for admin salaries while needing to justify its existence by creating chaos out of thin air. I can dig up equally supporting evidence to counter your albeit well-meaning claims but it will be a waste of time. When you get back from Grand Cayman, let me know and we will have a meaningful dialog instead of casting stones where they don’t belong.

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