Lady Freethinker’s newest petition to end the dog meat trade in S. Korea, created with partner Save Korean Dogs (SKD, was delivered to key leaders in the Animal Rights Committee in the national assembly.

That petition amassed 47,995 signatures – a number that grew to 50,438 signatures when combined with SKD’s petition on – which SKD President Nami Kim recently hand-delivered to lawmakers.

In mid-January, Kim delivered the signatures in person during the launch of the animal rights committee, an event organized by the Democratic party and covered by local media, at the national assembly.

The same signature package will be delivered to the Republican election camp, Kim said.

With less than 50 days until the next voting day, it’s critical to continue advocating for the helpless and innocent animals who die each year in the S. Korean dog meat trade. 

Kim and her small team of fearless, on-the-ground activists plan to continue their relentless efforts to change perceptions and advocate for dogs, with plans to continue meeting with major decision-makers and lawmakers. 

Lady Freethinker thanks everyone who signed our petition and Save Korean Dogs for continuing the fight for animals. Together we can make a difference!