On Friday, the eve of International Tiger Day, Lady Freethinker supporters gathered at the Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C., with a banner to raise awareness and demand change for tigers whipped in the face and tightly chained by the neck for photo ops at Thai tourist spots. 

The banner said “BAN SELFIES WITH TIGERS NOW.” Advocates also held a sign that showed a tiger being cruelly whipped, as documented by an undercover investigator working for LFT.

The investigation by LFT revealed widespread cruelty to tigers and other big cats at 11 zoos in Thailand, including big cats who had lighter flames forced under their nostrils and were kept in small, barren enclosures with murky green water. In early July, LFT launched and sent to Thai officials a petition urging authorities to ban selfies with big cats.

The petition already has garnered thousands of signatures from across the globe, and we are encouraging everyone to sign and share

LFT Tiger action

(Courtesy of Leigh Vogel)

“Behind every photo op or selfie with a tiger is a lifetime of deprivation and misery,” said Nina Jackel, founder and president of Lady Freethinker. “We’re calling on the ambassador to use his influence to help ban forced photo ops with big cats, and we’re reminding the public to never patronize places that exploit these remarkable animals.”

It you haven’t already signed the petition, please take a moment and sign now and be sure to share!

SIGN: Justice for Tigers Whipped and Chained at Thailand Zoos