An emaciated dog left abandoned outside a gas station in Florida has made a stunning recovery, thanks to caring rescuers at the Barky Pines Animal Rescue and a loving hospice mom.

It’s been a rough road for the gray and white Maltese, now named Lester, who arrived at emergency care with a heart murmur, severe dental disease, and cataracts.  The dog’s periodontal disease was so far advanced that he ended up losing all his teeth. 

But rescuers know brighter days are now ahead.

Lester is recovering with Tina, a hospice pet parent who Barky Pines said is “wonderful” and also is providing end-of-life care for another rescue.

Photos provided to Lady Freethinker showed a dog with bright eyes, a full coat of healthy-looking hair, and his tongue joyfully lolling out of his mouth while he frolicked outside in grass.

“All smiles now!” Barky Pines told LFT.

Lady Freethinker wrote a petition, which has since been signed by more than 37,000 people, on Lester’s behalf when his sad case broke. Thank you to everyone who spoke up for Lester!

We sent our petition to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, which informed us they have not yet made any arrests and that anyone with information on the identity of this suspect is urged to contact PBC Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS. 

We are so grateful to all the caring people who helped Lester get to this place where he can start to have the life he deserves!


Lester (Courtesy of Barky Pines Animal Rescue)


(Courtesy of Barky Pines Animal Rescue)