A sweet dog found cemented to a sidewalk in Florida with a host of treatable illnesses is now thriving after dedicated vet care and finding a loving forever home. 

We thank the more than 48,000 people who signed our petition and are happy to report that this small dog has found a joyful next chapter!

Veterinary staff at the Lois Pope Pet Clinic at Tri-County Animal Rescue had their work cut out for them when the dog, now named Trooper, arrived at their clinic. Trooper was paralyzed from the abuse he had endured and was suffering from worms, severe dental disease, advanced ear infections, overgrown nails, urine and fecal scalding, and a urinary tract infection. He also had a heart murmur and a condition called dry eye, which requires daily medication.

Liesl, a vet tech, told Lady Freethinker that the clinic’s team rallied behind the tiny dog, immediately instituting a regimen of antibiotics, pain medications, and ultimate motivators — food and love. 

“They went above and beyond for that dog,” she said. “He was the first priority every morning and every night.”

The clinic’s surgeon hid milk bones around the clinic for Trooper to find and spent his breaks with the recuperating dog. Supporters who had learned of Trooper’s story from the news also stopped by the clinic and asked to see Trooper.

“People from all over the country sent packages with blankets and toys,” Liesl said. “He basically ran the shelter until he went home.”

Trooper is now deaf from the severity of his untreated ear infections, and he’ll be on medication for the rest of his life, Liesl said. But day after day, he pulled through.

After the pup had sufficiently recovered, the clinic paired him with a forever family who had the time, resources, and patience to care for Trooper and his continuing needs. He also has new friends — including the family’s dog and cat, with whom he likes to cuddle, and his favorite stuffed toy donated to him at the clinic (which he also likes to cuddle). 


Trooper (Courtesy of Trooper’s Army)

“He’s in the best home ever, and it was a perfect fit,” Liesl told LFT. “There is no lack of love. He is spoiled. He got adopted by a person with a big heart who wanted to take him, even with all of the issues he had.”

Trooper’s new antics, including rooting around surreptitiously in bags of donations for the local humane society, are eagerly followed by more than 100 people in a Facebook group dedicated to him called “Trooper’s Army” — named in honor of “the army of people who have loved and helped me recover to find my new home.”

The page notes Trooper’s newest hobbies are sleeping in all of his beds around the house, walking in the grass, playing with his friends Zoey and Trixie, and eating. 

“Happy Saturday!” one post reads. “I woke up with a lot of attitude today and quite vocal. My mom said it was the weekend so we could sleep in but I didn’t care, I wanted to eat.”

One of the page’s authors shared how much Trooper’s story inspired her.

“This amazing little guy has so many issues and should hate humans, but it’s the opposite,” she wrote. “He is the most loving little angel. I love this little guy so much.”

Leisl said Trooper’s story and adoption inspired “happy-sad tears” at the clinic.

“It was very special,” she said. “It’s the best ending to a horribly sad story.”


Trooper (Courtesy of Trooper’s Army)

Unfortunately, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has not been able to identify anyone responsible for this crime, although a deputy said the office will still investigate the case if any new information comes to light.

Lady Freethinker is so grateful to the caring family, veterinary staff, and supporters who got Trooper to a better place and the loving life he deserves! His story is a wonderful reminder that adoption makes all the difference for rescued dogs, who can make quirky and wonderful companions. 

Happy Tails, Trooper!