Lady, a beautiful brown pit bull mix, never stood a chance against the frigid temperatures in Marion, Indiana, where someone locked her in a cage and abandoned her in the woods by the river. By the time Lady was found, she had frozen to death.

“As soon as I lifted the blanket, what I saw broke my heart; I started crying," said Michael Edwards, who discovered the cage containing Lady's body, a blanket and a bowl of food. "I set the blanket back down and had to walk away for a minute," he said.

“[The dog] couldn’t get out of the cage; all it could do was stand there and freeze to death,” said Brenda Volmer, President of Marion/Grant County Humane Society. “I can’t imagine the hell that dog went through."

Lady is undergoing a necropsy, and while possible suspects have been identified, no arrests have been made yet.

Sign this petition urging the Marion Chief of Police to treat this incident with the severity it deserves, and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law -- including barring whoever committed this heinous crime from ever going near an animal again. No dog should have to suffer the way poor Lady did.

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