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PETITION TARGET: Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai

UPDATE (6/28/2021): The Fuzhou Zoo in China remains open at the time of this writing, with little to no action taken to improve conditions for animals.

Unnamed zookeepers told media in multiple news reports following this incident that they had removed rocks from the areas nearby the kangaroos and other animals to prevent tourists and visitors from stoning the innocent animals, but “they went to find them (rocks) elsewhere,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Convinced that visitors would continue their atrocious antics, zoo staff said the facility “now plans to install more security cameras” as well as stuff and display the kangaroo killed through this brutal treatment, according to the Washington Post.

Animals are not here for our entertainment. If the Fuzhou Zoo cannot ensure the safety and well-being of the animals in its care, then the zoo needs to be shut down.

We are beyond disappointed that this facility has been allowed to remain in operation, despite the preventable deaths of multiple kangaroos. We thank the more than 20,400 animal advocates who signed our petition demanding justice for these innocent animals, and we will continue fighting for accountability for animals everywhere.


A captive kangaroo at a zoo in Fuzhou, China had nowhere to hide when a pack of tourists began hurling rocks and shards of cement at the animal. The reason? They wanted to make her hop for their amusement.

The 12-year-old kangaroo’s paw was nearly severed off, and she suffered severe internal injuries. After enduring excruciating pain for several days, she died of a ruptured kidney from the stoning.

Shockingly, visitors here commonly stone kangaroos and other animals. Shortly after this brutal incident, a 5-year-old male kangaroo was also pelted with stones, and suffered a badly injured foot.

The zoo must take strong and immediate action to stop the cruelty by removing all stones, loose bricks and other dangerous objects, and fortifying the severely inadequate fencing so that it is no longer possible to throw things inside the enclosures.

Sign this petition to urge Chinese officials to ensure that changes are made at once to protect the animals in this and other zoos in China.