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PETITION TARGET: Brevard County Sheriff

In a tragic discovery, a woman found the blackened bodies of several dead baby sea turtles half-buried in a mass grave on Hightower Beach in Florida. Their tiny, charred bodies and the surrounding burnt wood indicated that someone had set them on fire to suffer an excruciating death.

Whoever committed this depraved crime took advantage of the baby sea turtles’ delicate and defenseless state, as their nesting season continues until October.

Sea turtles are considered endangered and are protected by federal and state laws. The loss of each turtle is a blow to the vulnerable species.

Whoever killed these helpless baby sea turtles must be found and prosecuted, or more animals are at risk of similar cruelty.

Sign this petition to urge the Brevard County Sheriff to conduct a thorough investigation of this horrific act and express unequivocally that marine wildlife must be respected.