We all know burglars can be deterred by security alarms and dogs with booming barks. But it turns out that a little squirrel with razor-sharp claws can be just as effective in protecting a house.

Joey, a domesticated squirrel who resides in Idaho, is testament to that. He may look cute and innocent, but he won’t tolerate uninvited guests snooping around and taking things.

Adam Pearl is Joey’s human “dad.” Pearl took Joey in six months ago when a friend found him abandoned in a garden. Joey was so young that his eyes were closed, and Pearl had to feed him with a bottle.

Fast forward to last week, when Pearl noticed some suspicious things upon returning home. There were mysterious snow prints leading to the backyard, and inside he found doors that are normally closed were open. He checked each room in his house and discovered that someone had broken in and attempted to steal his guns.

Pearl called the police, and Officer Ashley Turner came to the house to search for clues. Joey was excited to meet her and began winding in and out of her legs.

It only took Officer Turner a few hours to return with some of the stolen objects. She had been questioning a suspect and noticed that his hands were covered with scratches. She asked him if the scratches were from the squirrel, and the suspect admitted that Joey attacked him and wouldn’t stop until he left the house. Fierce Joey is a hero!

But don’t run out to find your own personal squirrel security system, because keeping a squirrel as a pet is illegal in some states — and quite exhausting. They have sharp claws (for climbing trees) that pierce right through human skin. Their little teeth are rather sharp, and keep growing throughout their lives.

Unless you happen to be a certified wildlife rehabilitator, you shouldn’t be collecting squirrels or any other animal that belongs in the wild. Rehabilitators are trained to cook special food for them, clean up their messes (like partially eaten insects), and avoid those pointy teeth and claws. Squirrels like to keep their living space clean, and will brush all their debris onto the floor if living indoors. Their version of cleaning will leave your house messy in many unpleasant ways.

Though candy shouldn’t be a regular part of any animal’s (including humans’) diet, this was a special occasion. So Joey was rewarded for his heroic act with his favorite treat: Whoppers.