A muskrat in Norfolk, Massachusetts, found himself caught in quite the predicament — a chain link fence that was a tighter squeeze than anticipated. Thankfully, local animal control came to the rescue.

Muskrats have small heads and short legs but much rounder bodies and large back feet. These hardy creatures can weigh up to four pounds — making it easy for this little guy to wriggle his head through the fence, only to find his broader backside not so squishable.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, adult muskrats may “squeal,” “snarl,” or “chatter” when cornered — which is what the muskrat did — both at the homeowner who found him and to the animal control officers.

“We view that as ungrateful, but whatever,” Animal Control Officer Hilary Cohen joked in a Facebook post. “He wasn’t going to get out of the hip hugging mess on his own.”

Cohen and another officer used a pair of graspers and a net to hold and catch the muskrat — which they named Marvin — while cutting the fence with bolt cutters.

Marvin was safely released back into the nearby woods.

Lady Freethinker applauds the quick-thinking animal control officers for the safe catch and release of Marvin, the adorable muskrat.