Mother & Son Arrested for Cutting Ears off Pit Bull Puppy with Household Scissors

Mother & Son Arrested for Cutting Ears off Pit Bull Puppy with Household Scissors

A mother and son in Georgetown, South Carolina were arrested Wednesday for allegedly cutting off a pit bull puppy’s ears with household scissors and stitching them up with fishing line.

Myrtle Daniels McGee, 57, has been charged with animal cruelty, and her son, 37-year-old Scottie Bruce Tyler, has been charged with ill treatment of animals.

The Georgetown Sheriff’s Department was alerted to the problem by concerned citizens who called in after seeing photos of the dog (named Brick) on Facebook. The post containing these images was reportedly shared thousands of times.

When officers showed up at Tyler’s residence, he denied having a dog, claiming he had simply seen the post on Facebook and clicked “Like.” He said he could not remember who had actually posted the images, but did reportedly admit to liking pit bulls with their ears cut. He claimed, however, that he would take the dog to a vet to have such a procedure done.

The Facebook post told a different story, stating that a vet had given him sedatives for the dog, so now he could do whatever he wanted.

The officers searched the property and did not find a dog, but Brick was eventually located and rescued by the Williamsburg County Environmental Services Department, and he is now in the hands of a veterinarian who is treating his wounds.

Thankfully, Brick will never be abused by this cruel mother and son again. But he is still permanently disfigured, and doubtlessly traumatized. No matter who performs the procedure, it is simply wrong a mutilate an animal to suit humans’ tastes.

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    where do these no humans come from total ignorance and lots of nothing. please do give them hard punishment.
    also no dogs ever. greetings from finland with lots of humanity left and love for our best friends and education.

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    • karen

      this is horribly cruel…………hope they pay a good price…like jail time and a heavy fine to help take care of the vet bills

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  2. simmonsd

    We need more laws to keep our four legged friends safe from these monsters. How in the world did they sedate this poor baby?
    We have sooooo much abuse here.
    I believe these two should have there ears cuts off as they did the puppy !!
    Fare is Fare. Jail costs tax payers

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  3. brenda

    the son has nice ears to cut as well. May I do the job ?????

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    • Beverly Beach

      I will take this dog. Please let me know if he is available. I will provide a loving life. I have a pittbull that I rescued from some lowlife human that locked her in a cage to starve to death. She is my everything!

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        • Marlene

          Beverly I meant to add!!!???

  4. Julie Conner

    This is so sick, these people need to know what it feels like to have their ears cut off

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  5. susan karacaoglu

    That pair of sadistic brutes need a good lenghthy prison sentance but that would be the soft option,hope they rot in hell.

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  6. Brian D Sutton

    eye for an eye – ear for an ear! Throw the book at them and throw away the key.

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  7. Julie

    Evil people, they must be mad, need help.
    Cut their ears off and see how they like it, fools.

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  8. Carolyn

    Pure scum sums it up!I just hope they never own any more poor animals!

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  9. Iwona

    disgusting primitives! :-/ Ears are my pit’s most lovely part. Cutting/ cropping is the symptom of being an old-fashioned primitive

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