A mama dog and her litter of puppies will soon know what a safe, warm, and forever home feels like after being saved from an abandoned house.

Rookie Brooklin Moore braved muddy, claustrophobic conditions to rescue the canine family during her first week as an animal control officer in Beaumont, Texas, according to local news.

When Moore first arrived at the empty house, the mother dog — now named Darling — eagerly ran towards the officers to greet them while her puppies ran the away in fear. Three of the puppies ran to the house’s upstairs floor where Moore and her training officer quickly caught and reunited them with mom.

The smallest of the puppies appeared to have run a different direction, though. Moore then heard the fourth puppy crying – this time from underneath the house. The frightened puppy refused to be lured out from under the house, according to the Beaumont Animal Care Facebook page.

So Moore decided to crawl under the house to get him.

Moore found a small entryway that led underneath the stairs, to where the fourth puppy was hiding. She then squeezed her way through the wet mud in the tight space under the house until she reached him. Moore grabbed hold of the small puppy and pulled him to safety.

At first, he was so weak he could not hold up his own head. Now named Nibs, the puppy and his family were taken to Beaumont Animal Care where they are much healthier and gaining weight.

The stray puppies had likely never been around humans before their rescue, but now are enjoying lots of pets and cuddles as they, and their mama, await their forever homes.

Lady Freethinker congratulates Officer Moore for her quick thinking and dedication on her first week of the job and wishes both Moore and this canine family the very best in this new chapter of their lives.