A loving senior dog named Flip finally landed a forever home after spending more than 2,555 days in shelters.

Not much about Flip’s story is known, said the Lake County Humane Society that cared for him. He came to a partner shelter at an early age, following an investigation and likely abuse. 

The sweet 7-year-old had adoring, dark eyes and loved lying around on couches but didn’t catch the attention of other shelter goers until People picked up his story in September.


Flip (Photo Credit: Lake County Humane Society)

Afterwards, a social media post about his story caught the attention of Jennifer Schorr, who had recently lost a companion animal to illness and wasn’t looking to immediately adopt but felt a strong pull toward Flip.

“When I saw Flip, he melted my heart, and his story melted it even more,” she told People.

Schorr drove three hours to meet Flip in person. Despite shelter staff admonitions that the pup might take some time to warm up to her, Schorr reported Flip sat next to her and started kissing her face.

Another meeting and a home visit to Schorr’s Ohio residence sealed the adoption.

“Flip trotted right in and made himself at home,” Schorr told People. 

Schorr describes her new companion as a loving dog who enjoys cuddles on the couch, walks around the neighborhood, and investigating new things at his own pace.

“He is the perfect dog,” she said. “I love him so much already.” 


Flip and Jennifer Schorr (Photo Credit: Jennifer Schorr)

Her budding bond with Flip is another testament to the joy rescue animals can bring to people’s lives — and vice versa. She encourages people to adopt, rather than shop, for companion animals 

“There are so many loving dogs that just need a chance to become your furry friend,” Schorr said. “Some may need more care and attention than others, but they all deserve it. The tail wag, kiss on the cheek, or smile on their face lets you know how much you are appreciated. It is never too late — Adopt!”