A baby elephant has been reunited with his mother after getting separated from the herd in a south India wildlife park, as reported by The Guardian.

Wildlife wardens at the 595 square-mile Anamalai Tiger Reserve discovered the four-to-five-month baby elephant in distress looking for his missing mother.

Elephant herds typically do not leave calves behind if they go missing, but sometimes must move away for safety purposes. In those instances, the matriarch must choose between the welfare of the calf versus the welfare of the herd.

Using drone technology, wildlife wardens found that the rest of the elephant herd had moved about 2.5 miles away during their 24-hour separation.

Wildlife officials bathed the baby and covered him in mud to mask any human scent, helping reduce the herd’s anxiety about taking the baby back. The calf was then loaded onto a truck and driven back to the herd.

The staff kept an eye on the baby and herd for a few days following the reunion. An aerial photo from three days later happily indicated all was well, as the mother and baby curled up together for a nap.

We are thankful for the wildlife wardens who care for this sweet baby and helped ensure a happy reunion.

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