Lady Freethinker activists showed up to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC in a peaceful protest calling for an end to cat torture in China. We were joined by activists from our partnering organization, Feline Guardians, who amplified the message: Cats deserve love and respect — NOT abuse.

The abuse of cats in China on social media has been ongoing for years. Lady Freethinker has reviewed reports of cat torture in China and found that innocent cats have been mutilated, set on fire, electrocuted, and subjected to other gruesome abuses by a ring of cat torture groups in the country.

Our signs, banners, 100,000 petition signatures, and chants brought attention to the innocent cats and kittens maimed and killed on camera in China — and called on China to adopt animal cruelty laws to stop the torture.

Lady Freethinker Protest at Washington DC Chinese Embassy

Courtesy of Leigh Vogel/Lady Freethinker

China does not currently have any nationwide laws prohibiting cruelty to cats or other companion animals. Cats deserve legal protections to deter abusers from harming them or other innocent animals.

While Lady Freethinker and Feline Guardians activists protested in Washington, DC, a virtual protest also took place. Lady Freethinker supporters from across the country joined in an email blast and social media actions urging Ambassador Xie Feng to speak up for cats in China. Together, we demonstrated that we will not be silent while animals suffer — and we will not stop calling on the Ambassador to do everything in his power to help stop the cruelty.

Our petition — calling on Ambassador Xie Feng to do everything in his power to advocate for an end to the brutal torture of cats and kittens in China — has been signed by over 100,000 people. We brought the signatures to the Embassy to demonstrate that the world is watching.

Activists in China have also decried the abuse of cats and called for action from leadership in China. Cats are intelligent animals who crave human companionship and love. They deserve to be protected from cruelty; It’s time for China to pass nationwide legislation protecting cats and other innocent animals from torture.

Protestor at Washington DC

Courtesy of Leigh Vogel/Lady Freethinker

If you haven’t already, you can sign the petition to help cats and kittens in China here. You may also send a respectful email to Ambassador Xie Feng at [email protected] politely urging him to do everything in his power to push for laws protecting cats in China.

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Thank you to everyone who joined the protests. With your help, we will continue to fight for innocent cats and kittens in China.