Lady Freethinker has awarded $10,000 to an on-the-ground rescue serving animal victims of the devastating earthquakes that recently hit Turkey and Syria.

Meyako, a regional rescue team, has a mission to transform the world into a hopeful, warm place for animals. Since 2005, the nonprofit has been providing needed medical care and love to abandoned street dogs and other animals in need of assistance. 

LFT’s grant will help cover the costs of food, water, blankets, heaters, and other supplies needed to care for animals during Meyako’s earthquake rescues.

“Thank you very much for not leaving us alone during this significant and devastating time that we are going through,” the nonprofit told LFT.

Meyako earthquake rescues

(Photo Credit: Meyako)

In February, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit southern Turkey near the northern border with Syria. Less than 10 hours later, a second magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit about 60 miles to the southwest.

The quakes were the worst to hit Turkey in nearly 20 years — killing more than 52,000 people as of March 13, according to OCHA Services, and leaving thousands of human and animal refugees in their wakes.

Silas, a 2-year-old Doberman pinscher, took refuge in his family’s basement for nearly a month before Meyako’s regional animal rescue team found the brave dog — and her three newborn puppies — amidst the rubble, according to news reports.

The team squeezed into the dwelling through a narrow opening and broke a hole in a door in order to safely evacuate the mama and her pups — warming hearts worldwide with the uplifting rescue.

“I am so glad we were able to help Meyako,” said LFT Founder Nina Jackel. “They are doing such great work.”

Meyako also reportedly was caring for an estimated 300 dogs, 80 cats, a goat, a mule, and a donkey on two acres of land prior to the natural disasters. 

“As an association, we make a great effort to provide all the attention, love, and medical assistance that a pet should receive,” Meyako said on its website.

Thank you to all of LFT’s generous supporters who made this grant possible! We are so grateful to you for your continued support in ushering in a more compassionate world for all species — and we’re so grateful to Meyako for their life-saving efforts!

Meyako dog rescue

(Photo Credit: Meyako)