We are thrilled to announce that Lady Freethinker’s Urgent Need Fund has awarded more than $55,000 to nonprofits and rescues around the world working to help animals every day.

The Urgent Need Fund launched in 2020 to help support nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives of dogs, cats, and other animals. Nonprofit organizations that are planning or currently working on projects to rescue or care for animals or raise awareness to improve the way animals are treated are eligible to apply. Projects may include rescue missions, medical care, food, or housing. You can read more about the lifesaving program here.

Lady Freethinker’s Urgent Need Fund is only made possible thanks to supporters like you. We cannot thank you enough for your unwavering support and dedication to helping animals everywhere!

This year, LFT awarded $55,425 to seven nonprofits across the globe. Read more about them below:

1. Stephens County Humane Society

Injured husky

Luna (Courtesy of Stephens County Humane Society)

Stephens County Humane Society, located in Duncan, Oklahoma, is an open admission dog and cat shelter that helps countless animals find loving forever homes. Last year, the rescue provided shelter, food, and medical care to over 1,400 animals in need.

The animals in their care are treated with kindness and respect while they await their new homes. Dogs get several hours of outdoor time a day and are loved and cared for by volunteers and staff, and cats have access to an enclosed outside area called a “catio.”

Lady Freethinker awarded the rescue a grant for their “Humanitarian Fund,” which provides financial assistance to responsible companion animal guardians from lower-income backgrounds or to families dealing with emergency situations.

2. Freedom Acres Rescue


Rescued Alpacas (Courtesy of Freedom Acres Rescue)

Freedom Acres Rescue, located right outside of Atlanta, Georgia, is a vegan animal sanctuary that’s home to many rescues, including pigs, chickens, goats, and more. The sanctuary provides a forever home to the animals who often come from cases of abuse and neglect.

The rescue was awarded a grant from Lady Freethinker to help with urgent veterinary bills for 2 rescued alpacas, Zoe and Chantilly, who were taken in from a neglect case. Zoe arrived with patches of fleece missing on her legs and Chantilly has a plate in her leg from a farrier falling on her when she was younger, leaving her unable to run.

3. River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary

Pancho and Phoebe

Pancho & Phoebe (Courtesy of Rivers Wish Animal Sanctuary)

River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary is a vegan farmed animal sanctuary in Washington that cares for over 120 animals. The sanctuary saves lives through rescue, education and advocacy, and believes that by treating animals as individuals we can all foster empathy and understanding for them.

The sanctuary was awarded a grant from Lady Freethinker to help with the care of a rescued mini horse and sheep. The miniature horse, Phoebe, was rescued from severe neglect and has major hoof issues and Cushing’s disease requiring continuing veterinary care and rehabilitation. Pancho the sheep needed emergency surgery and ongoing medical intervention for bladder stones.



Cats & Kittens In Need (Courtesy of ERHAM)

ERHAM, which means “take pity” or “show compassion” in Arabic, is a dog and cat shelter located in Morocco. The shelter offers spay and neuter services, helps to feed stray cats and dogs, and gets animals much-needed veterinary care.

Lady Freethinker awarded the organization $10,000 to help spay and neuter 150 street cats, and to provide food for hundreds of stray cats and kittens. Because Azemmour, Morocco has longstanding problem of kittens being heartbreakingly abandoned in trash dumps, sterilization is key to giving animals in the region a brighter future.

5. International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals

Animals rescued

Rescued Dogs & Cats (Courtesy of International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals)

International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) is an organization working in Penang Island, Malaysia, that uses Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) to humanely control stray dog populations. Thousands of strays live on the island, and IAPWA has worked since 2017 to help save their lives through their Penang Island Project initiative.

Previously the stray dogs on the island were killed, but following the group’s agreement with the government, no dogs have met this fate. Instead, nearly 5,500 dogs been neutered and over 800 have found loving families.

Lady Freethinker awarded the organization over $6,000 to help cover the cost of spay and neuter and vaccinations for 200 stray dogs.

6. Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary & Animal Rescue

Stevie before and after

Stevie (Courtesy of Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary)

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary & Animal Rescue, located in Barbados, is an animal shelter that cares for nearly 600 dogs and cats. They offer adoption, sterilization, vaccines, emergency veterinary care, as well as feeding programs. They also send many adoptable animals to Canada to find loving forever homes.

Lady Freethinker awarded the group a grant of $10,000 which will help care for approximately 70 dogs, providing them with their annual vaccinations, sterilization, flea and tick prevention, and deworming.

7. Ciudadanos Pro Albergue de Animales de Aguadilla

Rusty before and after

Rusty Before & After (Courtesy of Ciudadanos Pro Albergue de Animales de Aguadilla)

Ciudadanos Pro Albergue de Animales de Aguadilla, located in Puerto Rico, is a dog and cat rescue that facilitates spay and neuter, fostering, and offers humane education. The organization is made up of volunteers who work hard to help animals every day abandoned on the streets where they often suffer from abuse, disease, and hunger.

Lady Freethinker awarded the nonprofit a grant to help with sterilizing 200 dogs and cats.

LFT is thrilled to be supporting these incredible organizations who are doing such meaningful work and helping to make the world a kinder place for all beings! 

Your continued support of Lady Freethinker and our work is what allows us to help these animals who desperately need it. Thank you for your dedication to ending cruelty and giving animals the lives they deserve!