We are excited to announce that through the most recent cycle of the Urgent Need Fund grant program, Lady Freethinker has awarded more than $54,000 to caring nonprofits making a difference for animals every day!

The Urgent Need Fund, sponsored through your generous support, launched in 2020 to support the projects of nonprofit organizations that help animals in need or that improve the way animals are treated. 

This year, LFT collectively awarded $54,700 to the following nonprofits:

  • Arlee Rehabilitation Center: A nonprofit located near Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation, the organization connects youth who have survived trauma to neglected and undersocialized horses and dogs for mutual healing.  
  • Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya Mexico:  This rescue helps homeless, abandoned, sick and abused dogs in Costa Maya, Mexico.
  • EPIC Outreach: Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the organization focuses on sharing information that will help create a kinder world for people, animals and the environment. 
  • Happy Compromise Farm + Sanctuary: On a sanctuary in Waverly, New York, this organization helps forge connections that will benefit people, animals, and our planet.
  • Law N’ Paws: This rescue in El Paso, Texas, seeks to help abused and neglected animals by giving them a second shot at finding a loving forever home.
  • Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue: Located in Vieques, Puerto Rico, the nonprofit seeks to improve the lives of the community’s animals by offering free spay/neuter clinics and strengthening bonds between people and animals through outreach and education.

Be on the lookout in the upcoming weeks for stories featuring each of our awardees, all of whom are doing heartwarming and meaningful work for animals that is sure to make you smile!

And thank you so much for your continued support of Lady Freethinker’s vision for a more compassionate world for all species. Helping these animal rescue organizations would not have been possible without you!