Kroger customers can expect to see an exciting new line of 100% plant-based items beginning this fall. Simple Truth Plant Based products, sporting a distinct leaf icon, will be available in stores and online at

Building on the wild success of Simple Truth, Kroger’s natural and organic line, Simple Truth Plant Based features similarly delicious, fresh foods that are entirely animal-free. Items include vegan cookie dough, meatless burgers, alfredo and bolognese pasta sauces, deli “meats,” and more.

This major move by Kroger suggests that food retailers are discovering new market opportunities as Americans’ dietary values shift.

Many people interested in living a healthier and more humane lifestyle are turning to higher-quality, plant-based foods. Like other food retailers, Kroger plans to cater to this interest with a variety of appetizing options sure to hit the spot.

“Taste is and will always be our No. 1 focus, and you can expect Kroger to continue to invest in this category as we are committed to providing our customers with products that support their eating preferences and health and wellness goals,” Kroger’s senior category strategy and innovation manager Nicole Davis said.

Thanks to major companies like Kroger adding to the ever-growing number of plant-based foods on the market, eating cruelty-free is more accessible–and more delicious–than ever.