Justice! Nosey the Elephant in Sanctuary, Captors Arrested

Justice! Nosey the Elephant in Sanctuary, Captors Arrested

Nosey the elephant has been held in captivity, abused, and tormented for most of her life, forced to travel and perform in circuses across the U.S. But thanks to the tireless work of activists, celebrities, and animal rights organizations, Nosey has been moved to The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee as her owners answer to the court for their cruelty.

The conditions Nosey has been held in are criminal. Since 1988, her keepers have been cited for more than 200 animal rights violations such as failing to provide adequate space, withholding food and repeatedly denying her veterinary care. Nosey has had to stand in her own excrement for hours, chained tightly, and been forced to travel in a cramped trailer with splintered wood and poor ventilation.

Her owners, Hugo and Franciszka Liebel, have now been arrested and face multiple charges of animal cruelty.

During an 11-hour bench trial on Friday, Dr. Lydia Young, a full time associate veterinarian at The Elephant Sanctuary, testified. She has seen Nosey every day since she arrived, and stated that “Nosey had the most severe buildup of dead skin of any elephant that I’ve ever observed.”

She went on to say that Nosey’s skin condition and bacterial infections had likely been present for months or years. Without treatment, they would become life-threatening. Nosey also had a urinary tract infection and progressive musculoskeletal disease that went untreated.

Elephants are exceedingly intelligent, social creatures who suffer greatly in captivity. That’s why more and more regions are banning the use of elephants for entertainment. Sadly, there are many other stories like Nosey’s.

This arrest and trial is a huge win for animal advocates. As her captors await sentencing, Nosey is enjoying proper care at the largest sanctuary for African and Asian elephants in America (check out a live elephant cam), roaming free with other elephants for the first time in decades.

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  1. Teri J Wilson

    So glad these people were caught! I think they deserve life in PRISON…actually I prefer the death penalty because I don’t want my tax dollars supporting them! I feel the same way about those who kill without remorse, I don’t want my tax dollars supporting them, either!

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  2. Robin Vitulle

    Nosey still remains in The Elephant Sanctuary until Judge Terry’s decision. It is Jan. 4, 2018 and we are still waiting. We don’t have any answers as to when she will rule. Nosey is thriving in sanctuary and should NEVER be returned to the abuse from which she came. The Liebel family circus is a horrific family that used and abused Nosey for rides and a circus performance for over 30 years. Even knowing she was ailing from painful arthritis, they continued to make her suffer. We strongly believe Judge Terry will rule to keep Nosey safe, secure and happy at the Sanctuary. The circus industry is crumbling thanks to social media awareness. Many advocacy groups are working tirelessly every day to educate the public, to pursue government agencies that are responsible for enforcing animal welfare laws, to upturn every stone possible, to get every seedy circus still left – closed down. WE will NOT STOP until every one is done. It is not acceptable to abuse animals. We will OUT every abuser. New Jersey is on the brink of voting in #NoseysLaw as we speak! This bill was named after Nosey by #SenatorRaymondLesniak. By Monday Jan. 8th the bill WILL BECOME LAW. (pending the Blizzard along the eastern coast) The NJ Law states: ” Nosey’s Law prohibits the use of elephants and other wild or exotic animals in a traveling animal act.” This LAW will be in the history books as the first state to prohibit ALL wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses! We hope that this will set a precedent for other states to follow…and follow fast!! This is a HUGE WIN for ANIMALS! Advocates are beyond words at the progress that is happening for animals. It is something that should have been done decades ago….Finally, the world is wakening up and taking action. We are very grateful for this. Keep an eye on Save Nosey Now, Inc. FB page for all updates on Nosey and Nosey’s Law and other animal welfare issues. #Freedom4Nosey #Life4Nosey #SaveNoseyNow SaveNoseyNow.org

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    • David harris

      Thank you for this informative and kindly comment ( I live in the UK) I am so, so pleased that this has been brought about by people who have fought and care so much. If this bill becomes law it will serve as some compensation for Nosey’s suffering for all of these years and this dear elephant will survive with some quality of life – plus ! Nosey may have a law named after her – and helped all the other elephants who have and are suffering. Thank you to everyone who has helped and to the writer of this piece for the positivity and information. *****

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  3. Conchetta Zuvela

    I’m thinking of Nosey at the sanctuary and my heart warms …. and if her scum owners get what they deserve, then my heart will really swell with happiness!

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  4. Maij Carter

    The best result ever. As for the Liebels they should rot in their own excrement.

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  5. vicki Hood

    Tears of happy. Nosey is safe and happy. She will get well. She will play with others, she will get in the ponds and pools, she will have friends and be part of a family. Every captive elephant needs to be saved like NOsey. God bless the sanctuary and dr. Lydia Young. Donations are in order for the elephant sanctuary of Tennessee. Awesome job. Fabulous people.

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  6. Gayle Shumate

    For the kind people interested in the welfare of precious Nosey, I went on line and Googled Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee & they have a website. They are not open for the public to see the elephants. They have cameras where you can see the elephants and they’ve posted updates about Nosey’s current condition. They say she’s doing well & exploring her environment & engaging in normal elephant behaviors.

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