The Japanese automobile industry — including well-known companies Nissan and Mazda — are advocating for cat and car safety through a hood-thumping campaign that’s now gone viral.

The “Neko Ban Ban” or “Cat, knock knock” campaign urges drivers to tap the car’s hood and ensure their engines are feline-free before starting their vehicles, according to news reports.

The campaign was launched by Nissan Motor Co. in 2015 and has since attracted more than one million views on social media.

The Japan Automobile Federation notes that cold cats often will climb into car engines in an attempt to get warm, or they’ll sit on vehicle tires to get as close to the engine’s warmth as possible.

If a car were to drive off thus occupied, the cat could suffer from severe injury or even death. The campaign seeks to prevent those cat casualties.

“With some extra compassion, we can save lives,” a Nissan representative said.

Mazda Motor Corp. joined the initiative, too, and includes a blurb in the owner’s manual about the importance of checking to make sure cats aren’t hiding in the engine bay or under the vehicle before driving, according to news reports.

Lady Freethinker would like to remind our readers to always be on the lookout for cat stowaways, as it’s not uncommon for cats to be sheltering in or around vehicles.

In fact, in the United Kingdom, Yorkie the kitten survived a daring journey after seeking warmth in a truck engine. You can read his tale here, along with 5 ways to help cats in the colder months.