An injured owl who may have been hit by a car in North Carolina was rescued by a caring off-duty animal services officer and a good Samaritan who happened to be a veterinarian, according to news.

Officer Anita, from Cary Animal Services, saw a post about the owl and realized that the location was close to her house. Despite being off-duty, she drove to the area, with a pair of gloves and a net in hand.

Officer Anita, and a local citizen who was also, conveniently, a local veterinarian, were able to capture the bird, after the owl made a few running attempts to escape, according to CBS 17.

“You would be surprised how fast birds can run,” Cary Animal Service posted on their Facebook.

After the rescue, the veterinarian transported the owl to a wildlife rehabilitator, where the bird will receive the care they need.

We applaud Officer Anita with the Cary Animal Services, and the compassionate veterinarian who so quickly came to this animal’s aid.

As always, we’d like to remind our readers to never approach or interact with a wild animal without appropriate training. If you see an injured wild animal, call a certified wildlife rehabilitation organization or another authority to minimize potential harm to the animal and yourself.

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