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While most dogs love to snuggle with people (and sometimes other dogs, or even cats), Ingo has found some unlikely cuddle companions – owls. The German shepherd discovered a surprising compatibility with these feathered friends when his mom, Tanja Brandt, began bringing home rescue animals.

Brandt brought owls that had suffered from falls or traffic injuries to her home in Germany. She began documenting Ingo’s adventures with the owls after noticing how caring the dog was with them. He made his first owl friend, named Poldi, in 2015, and has befriended every owl in Brandt’s care ever since.

In addition to rescuing animals, Brandt has authored five books and teaches animal and photography workshops. Indeed, she’s quite a talented photographer and has captured many amazing shots of Ingo and his owl friends, ranging from cute to breathtaking.

Brandt says of her photos: “I wanted nice pictures of my animals. Photos that reflect the soul and character of each animal.”

Like peas in a pod, Ingo and his pals do everything together. They can be found building snowmen, hiking in the woods, and posing for photos in the forest. During their downtime, they lounge around the house, sometimes watching football matches, and take naps together. He makes friends with each and every owl as they come and go, helping them heal with his sweetness and affection.

Ingo has become Instagram famous, having garnered over 160,000 followers, and is the star of his own product line.

One look at the adorable and strikingly beautiful photographs on Brandt’s Instagram page is enough to understand why it’s so popular. See it for yourself at @Tanja_Brandt.