The holiday season is about showing compassion and kindness to the ones we love, and celebrating joy and peace. One way we can all show kindness is by gifting humane, animal-friendly presents that don’t cause any cows, rabbits, dogs, or any other animals to suffer.

If you’re looking to purchase something for a loved one this year, check out some of our suggestions below. And remember to always keep animals in mind when doing your holiday shopping!

1. Cookie Decorating Kit From Maya’s Cookies

Maya’s Cookies, based in San Diego, California, sells not only delicious cookies, but also has a cookie decorating kit for sale this holiday season. The kit includes 6 Classic Gingerbread cookies, icing and piping bags, sprinkles, candies, and more! You don’t need to live in San Diego to purchase it, either. Simply place an order by visiting the website here.

2. “Baby, It’s Just Vegan!” Cookbook by Chef Joya

If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, a cookbook is always a great option. The book, “Baby, It’s Just Vegan!” by Chef Joya was released in July 2023 and features over 40 vegan recipes, including poke bowls, shepherd’s pie, Chicago-style Italian beef, and so much more. Order it here and get it in time for the holidays!

3. Animal Rights Holiday Ornaments by Christy Robinson Design

Help your friends and family spread a message of compassion by gifting these festive animal rights ornaments by Christy Robinson Design. You can also choose your own customized wording. Order them by visiting the site here.

4. “Compassion for All” Tote by Compassion Co

Compassion Co makes shirts, magnets, totes, and more to help spread the animal rights message! Their “Compassion for All” tote is the perfect gift to help remind everyone that all animals’ lives are important. You can order the compassionate tote by visiting the website here.

5. Lady Freethinker Logo Sweatshirt

Lady Freethinker’s catalog features t-shirts, a mug, a water bottle, and even a dog sweatshirt! Help spread the message of compassion by sporting a Lady Freethinker hoodie. The back has Lady Freethinker’s signature tagline “Ending Cruelty For All Beings” on it, to help remind everyone to be kind to animals. Visit Lady Freethinker’s online store here to place your order today.








6. Vegan Handbag by Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat makes beautiful vegan, cruelty-free, and recycled handbags that make great gifts! They also offer shoes, clothing, belts, and more. You can order this elegant bag in a variety of different colors on their website by clicking here.

7. Cruelty-Free Slippers from PAWJ California

PAWJ California makes comfy and cozy slippers that would make a perfect gift. Best of all, they contain no animal fur, wool, or skin! You can order the vegan and cruelty-free slippers by visiting their website here.

8. Pacifica Skin Care Gift Set

Pacifica makes skin care products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They make gift bundles too, which make great stocking stuffers and gifts. You can order Pacifica bundles on Amazon, or on their website here.

9. Chocolates from Divine Treasures

Divine Treasures, located in Manchester, Connecticut, is an all-vegan chocolate shop that ships nationwide and has plenty of delicious chocolates available for the holiday season. These holiday assortment boxes are a great gift option, and contain chocolates in a variety of different flavors, like silky vanilla caramel and other holiday specials. Order your chocolates today by visiting their website here.

10. Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix by Bare Life

Dairy-free hot chocolate is always a great gift, and Bare Life makes delicious vegan hot cocoa made from coconut. They also make peppermint hot chocolate that is perfect for the holiday season. You can order today by visiting their website here.

We at Lady Freethinker hope that you and your family and friends all have a compassionate and humane holiday season! If you’re still looking for gift ideas, check out this article that highlights even more ways to gift compassion.

Compassionate Gift-Giving Ideas & Tips