Are you ready for Superb Owl Sunday?If you’ve been following the Colbert Report or keeping up with memes, you already know that Suberb Owl Sunday is the real “big game” this year. So why not support our wise feathered friends and celebrate the owl along with your favorite team (or just the owl, if football’s not your thing)? Hey, one team in Super Bowl 2014 is even named after the sea hawk — also a large, predatory bird. Must be a sign.

  • Adopt an owl. With a $25 donation to the World Wildlife Fund, you’ll get a snowy-owl adoption certificate and photo. Donate $50, and you’ll also get an adorable plush stuffed owl. The WWF does great things to preserve the habitats of owls and other animals, so you’ll feel like a winner no matter how your team performs.
  • Join the Audubon Society on social media (or even better, as a donating member). They’ve heartily jumped on board with the Superb Owl theme this year, and want you to hit up their Facebook page to post a photo of your favorite owl.
  • Serve meatless chicken wings this year. Owls and other birds have feelings too, and factory farms keep them in torturous conditions. The latest meatless versions are so delicious, you won’t miss the dead bird one bit. Morningstar and Gardein both make awesome wings, and you won’t have to worry about the bones.
  • Listen to Feast of the Superb Owl. Yes, it’s a real band. They’re from Syracuse, New York, and play indie rock — you can hear a couple of their tunes for free online.

Superb Owl Sunday History

In case you aren’t in the loop yet, here’s the lowdown: The NFL is very cranky about the media using the term “Super Bowl” for any advertising or promotion (I’m hoping my humble blog doesn’t count), and they’re quick to sue for copyright infringement. So people started using the term “Superb Owl” to stop the NFL hammer from coming down on them.

Stephen Colbert may have popularized the term, but it’s been around for a while. I saw Superb Owl articles dating back to 2007, and there could be earlier uses. If anyone has details, I’d love to learn them.

No matter when this odd-but-awesome term came about, I’m starting to like Superb Owl Sunday even better than the actual game. If you need any more inspiration to celebrate, here are some memes, courtesy of Audubon, to put you in the mood:

Superb Owl Memes