If you’ve ever tried to fry tofu, you know what a kitchen disaster this seemingly simple task can turn into.

After straining your tofu as best you can, it’s still a soggy brick. So maybe you squeeze a towel around it, hoping all that liquid will be soaked right up (and that the now-drenched towel won’t stink up your laundry bin). Or maybe you set a board or a plate on top of the tofu to press out the water, then leave it precariously in the sink or the fridge, taking up precious space and leaving a mess in its wake. Not fun — and many times, there’s so much water left in the tofu that you still have to shield your face from the splatter as it meets the hot oil in your pan.

Well, this kitchen nightmare has just ended. Meet Tofuture, the “why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-before” gadget that just made life easier for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who just loves cooking with tofu.

We gave Tofuture a try, and were delighted with its ease and simplicity (not to mention the clean countertops).

This is what the package looks like:


And this is the tofu press – notice the bucket-style shape, just ready to catch all of that tofu juice?

You just put your tofu in like this:


Put the lid back on, and hook the straps over the sides at the desired level (lower for thinner blocks or heavier pressing):

Then pop the whole thing in the fridge and forget about it for a few hours or overnight.

When you open it back up, the tofu is pressed nice and firm, and all of the water is neatly contained in the bottom for you to pour down the sink:

We were tough on our Tofuture; we used a thick brick of soft tofu, and only let it press for 3 hours. We half expected our stir-fry to turn into a tofu scramble. But yay! The tofu cubes stayed true to shape. And no splatter in the hot oil, either.

Once only sold in Europe, the Tofuture is finally available in the U.S., too. Want one? Here’s where to buy: https://www.amazon.com/Tofu-Press-stylish-transform-Tofuture/dp/B01698J0RU/


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