Sure, we all expect Faux News to go after the First Lady when she tries to instill nutritional standards in schools — do they ever miss an opportunity to stick it to the White House? But it’s downright disturbing to see them attacking schools themselves just for taking meat off the menu one day a week.

In a segment titled “Trouble with Schools” (see the video above, if you can stand it), Fox & Friends chatted up Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, who accused schools of brainwashing children by serving vegetarian chili and grilled-cheese sandwiches instead of the usual ground beef and chicken …”like it or not,” in the words of host Steve Doocy.

Apparently, serving meatless lunch is part of a terrifying liberal agenda — a ploy by environmentalists who “try to blame” the animal industry for global destruction.

My favorite part is when Elizabeth Hasselback rhetorically queries, “why should our children be subject to such propaganda?”

I can think of a few reasons. Like the fact that livestock production accounts for 18 percent of global warming, has destroyed hundreds of millions of acres of forest and guzzles far more precious water and energy than plant-food production.

Or the fact that cows, chickens and pigs raised on factory farms are systematically brutalized in an industry that treats them as commodities, not as living beings.

So who, exactly, is harmed by Meatless Monday? Considering Texas is the country’s largest beef producer, I’m guessing Mr. Staples is much more concerned with the cattle industry than any schoolchildren. Someone get that man a veggie burger so he can stop talking nonsense.