A sweet and beloved companion dog named Ladybird has been reunited with her family following a wildfire in Oregon, thanks to the caring actions of one fire crew.

The Golden Fire in Klamath County has blazed across more than 2,000 acres, destroyed at least 43 homes, and caused hundreds of people to evacuate. 

When the Sisters–Camp Sherman Fire District sent over a fire engine, the crew was immediately concerned about helping contain the blaze.

But that didn’t stop one crew member from doing some serious multi-tasking.  When fire medic David Ward noticed a disoriented dog wandering through the rubble, he cared enough to help — not just in the moment but until the lost dog could find her family.

Photos shared by the fire department show Ladybird propping her legs up against the smoke-stained uniforms of the men, as well as kissing her compassionate helper Ward.


Ladybird (Courtesy of Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department)

“They clearly became fast friends!” the department posted on Facebook following the rescue. “Our crew took care of her while doing their work, until she could be reunited with her family.”

Thankfully, Ladybird was wearing a collar with contact information on it so that the fire crew could trace her family.

We are so glad this beautiful girl is now safe and sound at her home! Her heartwarming story is an excellent reminder to always have proper identification with your contact information on your beloved companion animals.

 It’s also a great idea to have them microchipped, in the event that their collars might snag on something and fall off, and also to have an evacuation plan in place that includes provisions for your furry friends — especially if you live in a wildfire, flood, or earthquake-prone area!


Ladybird (Courtesy of Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District)