A fawn spotted curled up inside a slimy drainage pipe was rescued and released to the wild by a sheriff’s deputy in South Carolina, according to news reports.

The deputy noticed the fawn reportedly stuck inside a culvert near the Carolina Park area of Mount Pleasant around 8:30 a.m. He reportedly called authorities but was told their arrival time was “unknown.” 

So he squeezed into the culvert and retrieved the fawn.

“We’re here to help — no matter how many legs you have,” a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office said following the rescue.

The office said the fawn then was released back to the wild. 

Authorities urge South Carolina residents who spot fawns to alert a trained professional (by calling the Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife line at  843-953-5291) and then to watch the situation, as the mom may be nearby.

Lady Freethinker is glad that this fawn was returned to his or her wild home and that the deputy took the time to help an animal in apparent distress.

We’d like to remind our readers to always call a certified wildlife rehabilitator and follow their instructions prior to attempting to approach or move a wild animal — it’s for the animal’s safety, as well as your own.

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