They call this protecting the environment?

Last month, the White Coat Waste Project (WCW), an organization working to stop useless tests on animals funded by taxpayer dollars, revealed just how “protective” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is. Their report documented how the EPA takes the lives of over 20,000 animals in cruel experiments each year.

The rabbits, mice, fish, and other animals that die at the hands of the government agency are exposed to experiments we already know are harmful. According to WCW, researchers make the animals breathe diesel exhaust, air pollution or ozone, force them to ingest lard and oils, and even administer electric shocks to baby animals.

This outrageous treatment and spending led WCW to start the EPA Sucks campaign to stop this needless suffering. They posted a billboard near the EPA’s testing center in North Carolina to get the message out.

“Americans don’t like, want or need these outdated, misleading and deadly EPA animal tests that are siphoning millions of dollars off of important programs that can actually protect animals, taxpayers and the environment,” WCW Vice President of Advocacy and Public Policy Justin Goodman told LFT.

After WCW brought this issue into the public view, it wasn’t long for some compassionate and fiscally conscious lawmakers, like Rep. Matt Gaetz, to advocate cutting funding for such wasteful projects. Speaking in front of Congress, he condemned the testing, saying, “the EPA may have just reached a new low.”

Add your voice to help stop the cruelty and waste. Click here to send a message to your congress members and EPA administrator Scott Pruitt urging them to stop the tests on animals.