Entire Staff ‘Reduced to Tears’ Over Kittens Tied Together Used as Dogfighting Bait

Entire Staff ‘Reduced to Tears’ Over Kittens Tied Together Used as Dogfighting Bait

As if dog fighting didn’t already cause enough suffering among one species, the use of two kittens as bait has once again brought the sick sport into headlines.

Will and Grace, named by veterinary staff, were dropped off at a Pet Food Express in Benicia, California after being used as bait for a dog fight in the Bay Area. Their condition was so bad the entire staff was reduced to tears. Six weeks old, the two tiny creatures’ legs were bound with rubber bands in preparation for dog fight training. Without the use of their legs, the kittens would be unable to fight back against, or even run from, dogs that are training to maim and kill. Suffering from the extent of her injuries, little Grace had to be euthanized due to gangrene.

Now under investigation by the Solano County Animal Control Division, officials are attempting to locate the woman who dropped of the kittens at the pet supply store. The hope is to uncover dogfighting rings in the area and stop the abuse at its source. Anyone with information regarding this case, dogfighting, or other animal cruelty is asked to contact the Solano County Animal Control at (707) 784-4735.

It is common to get dogs worked up for fighting by throwing in a puppy or kitten, often injured to give off the scent of blood. A felony in all 50 states, dogfighting nonetheless persists, the bloodsport used as entertainment and gambling. Dogs are placed in a ring, sometimes for hours and oftentimes to the death, as spectators watch. The Humane Society International has created a dog fighting factsheet.

Will is healing, though still in need of continued treatment and care. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help. Pet Food Express has agreed to match donations, dollar-for-dollar, giving Will the chance at a long, healthy life, safe from the brutality he has had to suffer. In about two months he will be available for adoption, with hopes of finding a caring family he so deserves.

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  1. MS

    This sadistic cruelty is beyond the pale — society WANTS and NEEDS to find these monster-criminals and throw them in prison for several years — dog fighting is illegal — using animals as bait in activities that are deemed illegal is an additional illegal ! — The horrific activity of Dog Fighting MUST be SHUT DOWN throughout — the penalties MUST be severe — in addition to lengthy jail time, severely high monetary penalties MUST be added — we do NOT want repeats of such brutality against animals EVER AGAIN ! — DO NOT LET THE IDIOTS GET AWAY WITH THEIR HIDEOUS ACTS WHETHER OR NOT MENTAL ILLNESS IS AN ISSUE.

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  2. Susan

    This sick heartless behavior is beyond despicable. Find these sick losers and punish them as much as possible.

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  3. Sid

    The death penalty should be extended to people who engage in this behaviour. Only subhuman monsters would do this. Their lives are worth far less than any kitten or dog and the world will be a better place without them. No pity. No punishment is too severe. F- ’em.

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    • joelina

      it is so curl on how we act and we don,t even see it i know grace is in a happy place and hope every one donates

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