Dogs may naturally come in many colors — but bright blue is not one of them.

So why are stray pooches in the Taloja industrial area of Mumbai, India turning up in this shocking hue? According to activists, the animals are being dyed by chemicals leached into the Kasadi river by a nearby factory.

Not only do these chemicals dye the dogs‘ fur, but they’re reportedly also highly toxic. And not only do the dogs bathe in the water, but they drink it, too — so they’re ingesting the same chemical that turns their coat bright blue.

According to Arati Chauhan, head of the Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell, exposure to such polluted water can lead to liver and kidney damage, or even cancer.

Chauhan reports seeing five blue dogs in the area, and is calling for change via social media:

Chauhan has filed a complaint with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) in hopes that action will soon be taken to clean up the water. According to the Hindustan Times, the Kasadi river contains 13 times the amount of contaminants considered “safe.” Indeed, strong and swift action is needed, for the health of both animals and humans in the area.